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Vantage is a nameplate that was launched in the 1950's to signify a model performance upgrade, namely on the DB2. In 1972, the first Vantage model was born and since then it has become Aston Martin's flagship sports car. Vantage and racing have helped underpin the DNA of Aston Martin through World Endurance Racing, which includes a recent win in 2016 and the 2017 GTE Pro category class at 24 hours of Le Mans has cemented Vantage as a true great. 

The new Aston Martin Vantage has been designed to communicate its athletic, predatory character whilst retaining the key principles; purity and beautiful proportion. Its purposeful design both inside and out skips the overt decoration. Vantage sports a single falling shoulder line that connects front to back in one confident gesture, creating a pure balanced profile providing a bold muscular appearance. 

The wheel arches are dramatic and hint at the vehicles dynamic ability. The shark inspired nose creates a very strong visual for the new Vantage. The front splitter is an integral part of the car's aerodynamic design which delivers true down force, and assists calling by feeding air to the braking system. The Ultra slim LED headlights provide Vantage with a purposeful, powerful expression.  

Some might say the rear of the new Vantage is the cars most powerful angle. The signature Vantage tailgate flip provides its downforce and is accentuated from the rear by the full width, ultra slim light graphic. Beneath the rear lights the tailgate shut line has been hidden giving the impression of a seamless, uninterrupted sculpture. The rear diffuser and central diffuser ducts help generate substantial downforce to keep the car planted to the road. 

The Vantage is built for agility. The backbone of the car is the aluminum underframe with an impressive whole vehicle weight of 1,530kg, just 3,373 lbs. At 4465 mm, the Vantage is 284 mm or 11.18 inches shorter than DB11 and 34 mm shorter than a Porsche 911. An impressive 77% of the vehicles' mass is positioned between the axles and the centre of gravity is only 49cm off the ground. The underarm features a solidly-mounted sub frame which creates an immensly rigid structure providing a very stable platform from which the suspension can control the car. This rigid structure ensures that the driver feels a 'direction connection' with the new Vantage. 

A high performance 4-litre V8 Twin Turbo engine powers Vantage. Generating a 510 PS and boasting an 3.5s 0-60 mph, the AMG engine has been tirelessly tweaked by Aston martin engineers to ensure a unique AML sporting character and 'feel' that Aston Martin is known for creating. The from mid mounted rear wheel drive V8 engine is positioned much lower in the vehicle than AMG, which lowers the centre of gravity and improves weight distribution to contribute to improved sporting drive dynamics. 

The 685Nm of torque is fed through a ZF 8 speed automatic transmission mounted at the back of the car. The gearbox has specifically developed software which provides short, crisp gear changes and also delivers the type of shift refinement and usability which is beyond that seen on dual clutch gearboxes. The gearbox's adaptive software is designed to gauge the conditions the car is operating in, along with the demands of the driver, too ensure the car is in exactly the right gear at the right time. Using 8 gears affords close ratios and allows the engine to keep its most powerful/ efficient speed range for longer depending on driver demand. 

Vantage builds upon the driving modes of DB11 and introduces a brand new Track mode enhancing the drive feel further. Mode 1 is Sport for everyday driving with a sporty edge. Mode 2 Sport + introduces more aggressive shift maps and aggressive brake offsets. The gearbox is tuned to hold a lower gear for longer to provide a more spirited driving experience. In addition to the gearbox the pedal map has been shortened to aid on road performance feel. Mode 3 - Track focuses on track driving and introduces an aggressive shift mapping brake off sets keeping a high RPM in the optimum torque window. Mode 3 or Track mode also introduces auto roll downs at higher speeds, prioritizes shift feel and speed over NVH and the exhaust is tuned to allow the most extreme sound generation for track usage whilst still maintaining Drive by Noise regulations. 

The new Vantage uses a forged aluminum double wishbone suspension at the front of the car and a multi link system to the rear delivering outstanding combination of ride and handling. Adaptive Damping and Sports Suspension feature as standard on Vantage. The damping system controls the stiffness of each individual damper by controlling a secondary value to restrict or increase the flow of oil through the damper. The Adaptive Damping system creates improved body control, improved handling and agility and rapid detection and reaction to crucial driving conditions and driver demands.

The Vantage cabin is focused and functional. The interior is distinctive and offers a 'cockpit' feel. The Vantage driver sits low with attention focused on ensuring the primary controls are positioned perfectly, including switchgear with a very satisfying mechanical feel. The new gear shift paddles are designed to offer sport-orientated ergonomics along with the PRND buttons adopting a unique configuration at the very heart of the car. 

The standard Vantage interior offers a high performance sports car feel. Vantage was designed to accommodate enthusiastic driving whilst maintaining comfort and support for both the driver and passenger.

Aston Martin Vantage arrives to North American shores in Spring 2018. Aston Martin Palm Beach is now accepting custom orders for the all-new Aston Martin Vantage. Work with our Brand Manager Patricia Romeo to build your perfect Aston Martin Vantage for arrival this summer . Call 877-308-6127 for more information or inquire using the form below. 

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