Are Aston Martins Reliable?

Pre-owned Aston Martin DB11 with mountains in background

A new Aston Martin car represents a significant investment, so many West Palm Beach drivers ask themselves the usual questions. Are Aston Martins a good investment? Are Aston Martins reliable? There have been some notable improvements over the last decade or so with regard to Aston Martin reliability. Below, Aston Martin Palm Beach covers those improvements, along with information on maintenance and warranties. 

Are Aston Martins a Good Investment? 

So, are Aston Martins a good investment? As mentioned above, there have been some significant improvements on Aston Martin reliability. These are traditionally hand-made vehicles, which adds to their beauty. With this precision comes a necessary dedication to unique parts. Aston Martin has improved reliability on the following components since 2006: 

  • Electronic indicator 
  • Ignition
  • Rear light cluster
  • Waterproof window seats

Aston Martin Reliability: Maintenance and Warranty 

One thing that Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens drivers can do to keep their Aston Martin in great shape is to pay close attention to their maintenance schedule. Luxury vehicles are made with hand-crafted parts that require special attention from experts. Here’s some more information about maintenance and warranty coverage: 

  • Aston Martin Maintenance: Everything from oil changes to essential parts replacements are part of your Aston Martin maintenance schedule. 
  • Aston Martin Warranty:  Your Aston Martin warranty is designed to help you keep your car in great shape. Standard manufacturer warranties cover 12 or 24-month periods and come with Roadside Assistance. An Extended Service Contract will cover vehicles up to 10 years old. 
  • Certified Pre-Owned: Are Aston Martins reliable as used vehicles? Certified Pre-Owned Aston Martin vehicles have been inspected by the manufacturer to ensure quality. Plus, CPO vehicles also come with great warranty coverage. 

In short, you should keep up with maintenance and trust a place with OEM parts to care for your Aston Martin vehicles. Warranties go a long way in helping with this. 

Care for Your Aston Martin at Aston Martin Palm Beach

At Aston Martin Palm Beach, we’ve dedicated ourselves to help West Palm Beach and Wellington Aston Martin owners care for their vehicles for the long haul. Consult more service and parts tips with us. Whether you’re looking for more information about Aston Martin or you’re trying to keep yours in great shape, contact us today with all your questions!

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