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As you look for your next new vehicle to put in your Jupiter garage, you’ve probably discovered two of the world’s top luxury brands, Aston Martin and Maserati. These two European brands have a long history of delivering beautifully designed high-performance vehicles. As you compare Aston Martin vs. Maserati, you’ll notice some differences between these two automakers.

When deciding between Aston Martin or Maserati for your hard-earned money and Palm Beach Gardens drives, we encourage you to see these automakers side by side. We hope our comparison of Aston Martin vs. Maserati is helpful to your car-buying experience.

Aston Martin vs Maserati: History

Both automakers are over a century old. Aston Martin was founded in London in 1913, while Maserati hails from Bologna, Italy, in 1914. You’ll get a luxury vehicle backed by more than 100 years of engineering when you buy an Aston Martin or Maserati.

Aston Martin vs Maserati: Price & Performance Specs

Let’s look over the Aston Martin vs Maserati price with two everyday vehicles, the Aston Martin Vantage and the Maserati Ghibli. We’ll also show you the engine specs of these two powerhouses. 

2024 Aston Martin Vantage Price & Engine Performance

  • $143,000
  • 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine
  • 503 hp
  • 0-60 mph time of 3.6 seconds
  • Top speed of 195 mph

2024 Maserati Ghibli Price & Engine Performance

  • $109,500 MSRP
  • 3.0L V6 engine
  • 424 hp
  • 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds
  • Top speed of 166 mph

As you can see, the Aston Martin is more expensive, but you’ll get much better engine performance with the Aston Martin as you compare the Aston Martin vs. Maserati price. In fact, you’ll see better performance up and down the entire lineup of every model in Aston Martin’s selections.

Aston Martin vs Maserati: American Presence

Maserati has nearly three times as many dealerships in America as Aston Martin. However, that means Aston Martin vehicles are more desirable because they are harder to find. We’ve got a few in our inventory for you to explore.

Test Drive a New Aston Martin for Sale in West Palm Beach

It’s time to get behind the wheel and experience everything an Aston Martin has to offer. Contact us, call 561-835-5317, or schedule a test drive to see what we mean. One of our zippy Aston Martin vehicles will capture your attention! Look over our used vehicle selection for something more affordable in your Wellington garage.

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