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Premium vs. Regular Gas

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What are the differences between premium vs. regular gas? While they are similar, there are some advantages to having premium gas in your gas tank over regular gas. We’ll discuss why you should choose premium vs. regular gas for your new Aston Martin with our guide from the service team at Aston Martin Palm Beach. We’ll also talk about the premium vs. regular gas prices in Jupiter. 

Premium vs. Regular Gas: What Is Premium Gasoline? 

Our first stop in the regular vs. premium gas debate is some details on premium gasoline. When you get to a gas station in Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll usually see three prices for gasoline: Regular, mid-grade, and premium. 

Premium and regular gas share several properties. They both come from refined petroleum and make your internal combustion engine operate properly. The main difference between regular vs. premium gas is the octane level. Octane rating simply means how efficiently the engine burns the fuel. Most premium gasoline grades have an octane rating of 90 or higher. Premium gasoline helps keep your engine cleaner, which leads to less pollution. 

Regular vs. Premium Gas: What is Regular Unleaded Gasoline? 

Regular gasoline is the least expensive gasoline at a gas station. It generally has an octane rating of 87. This type of gasoline works well for all internal combustion engines, but some high-performance vehicles require premium gasoline instead of regular gasoline.

Other Differences Between Premium vs. Regular Gas

Regular vs. premium gas might seem similar, but other factors set them apart when choosing them in Wellington. 

  • Octane Rating: Higher octane levels ensure less chance of engine knocking, which can severely damage your vehicle. Also called pre-ignition, this damage even is less frequent when your tank is filled with premium gasoline. 
  • Engine Suitability: Regular gas burns faster than premium gas, which makes it more suited for engines that have low compression ratios. Engines with high compression ratios, like turbocharged engines found in many modern vehicles, will do better with premium gas. 
  • Premium vs. Regular Gas Price: Premium gas can be as much as 20 to 40 cents more per gallon than regular gas. That said, modern engines are highly efficient. So, in the premium vs. regular gas price debate, it’s more important to look at what your engine recommends than your personal preference.

Before deciding whether premium vs. regular gas is right for you, keep the following tips in mind:

  • If your car does not require premium gas, filling it with premium won’t boost the longevity or performance of the vehicle. 
  • If your model requires premium gas, using regular gas generally doesn’t harm the vehicle. But, if the engine starts knocking when you use regular gas, switch back to premium gasoline immediately. This is particularly true for high-performance and luxury vehicles.
  • It may be necessary to use premium gas in vehicles that utilize turbochargers. This will keep the turbochargers in great shape to prevent knocking. 

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