What Does the "DB" Stand For in Aston Martin?

Aston Martin DB11 Volante driving on highway

Since 1950, drivers have witnessed the emergence of the DB label on Aston Martin models, when the original “Two Litre Sports,” later known as the DB1, was released. But, what does the “DB” stand for in Aston Martin? Aston Martin’s “DB” label is an abbreviation for “David Brown.” Who was David Brown in relation to Aston Martin? Explore the details with the team at Aston Martin Palm Beach to get familiar with the history of the Aston Martin DB models. Then, apply for financing and explore our inventory in West Palm Beach!

Who Was David Brown in Relation to Aston Martin?

David Brown owned multiple brands – including a tractor manufacturing company, which produced gear and gearboxes during the period of World War II. In 1947, David Brown, a well-established businessman, bought Aston Martin. This era in Aston Martin history ushered in some of the most well-known models in the brand’s history.

A Brief History of Aston Martin DB Models

So, if the “DB” stands for David Brown, what is the origin of these models with his name? Are they still being produced today? This era brought a focus on race-oriented models, which led to a major shift in the design ethos of Aston Martin engineering. 

The DB1 paved the way for a series of racing vehicles designed by Aston Martin. The DB2/4, DB2/4 Mark II, and DB Mark III followed the DB1. Later, in 1954, the DB4 was released and truly influenced the modern Aston Martin look our Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens customers love. Explore more about the individual DB line models, here:

  • DB1: Based on the Atom concept car, the 2-Litre Sports had a tubular space frame chassis with the Aston Martin 2.0-liter inline-four. This model won its first ever race, the 1948 Spa 24 Hours.
  • DB2: The DB2 introduced an elegant pairing of the Aston Martin Chassis and Bentley-designed 2.6-liter straight-six engine.
  • DB2/4: This model brought a lengthened chassis with two rear seats and a 2.6-liter straight-six engine that later was upgraded to a 2.9-liter model.
  • DB MKIII: Here the production of the classic Aston Martin grill started to take shape and 178-bhp and front disc brakes were added, but this model was quite similar to the DB 2/4 in all other regards. 
  • DB4: The DB4 was an all-new model, and one of the fastest cars of its day due to a Carrozzeria Touring-designed “Superleggera” body. This design fitted aluminum panels over a tubular space frame, and implemented a 3.7-liter straight-six making 240-bhp. 
  • DB5: The DB5’s 282-bhp and a 4-liter engine reigned in the James Bond-era of Aston Martin

As you can see, the “DB” name has carried on and still does with the release of the latest DB11, bringing a top speed of 192 mph and 528 horsepower to the table. It has the iconic grille and clamshell hood that holds true to the DB style. 

Explore the David Brown Aston Martin Models at Aston Martin Palm Beach Today and Join the Legacy! 

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