Legacy Model Spotlight: Aston Martin DB3 Overview

Aston Martin's David Brown

Though the Aston Martin DB3 was retired in 1953, auto enthusiasts around Wellington still have plenty of questions about the legacy of these racing giants. When was the Aston Martin DB3 made? How many Aston Martin DB3 are there? And how much is an Aston Martin DB3 worth today? Aston Martin Palm Beach is here with all the details of the iconic Aston Martin DB3, a racing champion that cemented its place in Aston Martin history.

When Was the Aston Martin DB3 Made?

Where was the Aston Martin DB3 made? Production for the Aston Martin DB3 ran from 1951 until 1953, but David Brown’s DB3 model built upon a long lineup of successes.

  • DB1: The original DB prototype of the 1940s was known as “Two Liter Sports” before adopting the DB1 moniker. This model eventually won the 1948 Spa 24 Hours.
  • DB2: The DB2 made its debut in 1950 as the contemporary saloon version of the original DB1. 
  • DB3: The DB3 arrived in 1951, crafted of DB2 parts, including the 133bhp 2.6 liter DB2 Vantage tuned unit and triple Weber carburetors.

This led to the DB6 and DB9, as well as the Aston Martin DB11, which can be found on the Palm Beach Gardens roads today.

How Many Aston Martin DB3 are There?

How many Aston Martin DB3 models are there? This model was produced in extremely limited batches, with only ten units created in total. Half of these models were used exclusively on the track in events like the 1952 Silverstone race and Sebring 12 Hours. The other half were sold privately to auto enthusiasts around the world. 

How Much is an Aston Martin DB3 Worth Today?

How much is an Aston Martin DB3 worth today? Due to the rarity of the model and their place in Aston Martin history, DB3 sales are difficult to come by. But subsequent vintage models like the DB2 and DB MK III have sold for between $250,000 to $500,000. So you can expect the DB3 to fetch a hefty sum at auction.

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