How Do You Pronounce "Aston Martin"?

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Wondering how to properly say, “Aston Martin.” Let’s take a look at the proper Aston Martin pronunciation. The sound of the word, “Aston,” can be broken down into sounds: “ast,” which should rhyme with “past,” and “uhn,” which should rhyme with “fun.” As for “Martin,” it’s pronounced in the same way you would pronounce someone’s name. Simply break the word into two sounds: “Mar,” which should rhyme with “car,” and “tin,” which rhymes with “fin.” Now that we’ve answered the question, “How do you pronounce Aston Martin,” let’s take a look at how to pronounce the names of Aston Martin models. If you have questions, along the way, reach out to Aston Martin Palm Beach!

Proper Aston Martin Pronunciation for Model Names 

Now that Palm Beach Gardens drivers know how to say Aston Martin properly, take a moment to learn how to pronounce the sames of each model in the lineup. How do you pronounce Aston Martin Valhalla, for instance? Let’s take a look below to find out! 

  • How to Pronounce Aston Martin DBX: Simply say the letters “D,” “B,” and “X” in succession. 
  • How to Pronounce Aston Martin DB11: Simply say the letters “D,” followed by “B,” and then the number “11.” 
  • How to Pronounce Aston Martin DBS: Simply say the letters “D,” “B,” and “S” in succession. 
  • How to Pronounce Aston Martin Vantage: Pronounce the word “van,” just as you would the vehicle. Then, follow “van” with “tage,” which will sound just like “Taj,” as in “Taj Mahal.” 
  • How to Pronounce Aston Martin Valkyrie: First, pronounce “Val,” which should rhyme with “Hal.” Then, pronounce “kyr,” which should rhyme with “peer.” Finally, pronounce “ie,” which should rhyme with “key.” 
  • How to Pronounce Aston Martin Valhalla: Again, “Val” should rhyme with “Hal.” The following “hal” should also rhyme with “Hal.” The final “la” sound should rhyme with “blah.” 

Have Questions About How to Say Aston Martin? 

We’ve answered the question, “How do you say Aston Martin?” but if you have any remaining questions about proper Aston Martin pronunciation, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’d like to arrange to test drive an Aston Martin vehicle near Jupiter, just give Aston Martin Palm Beach a call. Our phone number is 561-556-5468. We’ll walk you through the latest the brand has to offer and help you find the perfect supercar for your West Palm Beach joyrides. In the meantime, take a moment to explore our Aston Martin research guides for other fun reads, including our overview of where Aston Martin models are made!

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