November 22nd, 2019 by

Aston Martin and Italian design house Zagato have a nearly 60-year relationship. To celebrate Zagato’s 100th anniversary, Aston Martin and Zagato have teamed up to produce the impressive DBS GT Zagato. The Zagato pairs the sleek elegance of Aston Martin with the famous Zagato muscle. Here’s everything you need to know about the DBS GT Zagato.


The DBS GT Zagato is only sold as a pair alongside the DB4 GT Continuation model. To mark Zagato’s 100 years, they have paired one classic continuation car (the DB4 GT) to one modern car (the DBS GT Zagato) and dubbed it the “DBZ Centenary collection.” In a nod to the original 19 DB4 GTs made in the 1960s, there will only be 19 Centenary collections produced. Of the pair, the only one you can drive on the street is the Zagato. The DB4 GT Continuation isn’t street legal, so you need to race those wheels on a track.


The Zagato is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V-12 engine. The engine is rated to produced 715 horsepower, but Aston Martin and Zagato have specially tuned the engine to produce an astounding 760 horsepower. The DBS GT Zagato is available in rear-wheel drive only.


The design of the DBS GT Zagato is based on the DBS Superleggera. The Zagato has a smooth, sleek body with a signature double-bubble roof and fighter-jet-style wraparound windshield. The Zagato has no rear windshield, just a glossy black carbon-fiber roof and rear diffuser. The large carbon-fiber grill can open and close. When the Zagato is parked, the grill closes to create a modern cross-hatched look. When the car starts up, the grill flaps open to allow air to flow over the engine.

The Zagato also has satin black and gold-machined aluminum wheels, side strakes streaked with gold, and 19-carat gold Aston Martin badge wings on the front and rear. This highly limited beauty is available in “Supernova Red,” which is a fiery modern red.


Zagato and Aston Martin spared no expense when designing the DBS GT Zagato. The interior of the luxurious Zagato is covered in Caithness Spicy Red leather quilted with the Zagato “Z.” The Zagato “Z” is also embossed on the aluminum paddle shifters. The world’s first 3-D printed interior materials can be found in the center console of the Zagato. The 3-D printed materials are metal and carbon, but you can upgrade that to PVD-coated gold stainless steel. Climate control knobs are also gold-coated. The gold stainless steel is impressive against the backdrop of the bright red interior.

As production was extremely limited, it isn’t surprising that every DBS GT Zagato has already been spoken for, even with a price tag of $7.9 million. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of the Centenary collection, the DB4 GT Continuation models will be in the hands of owners by the end of 2019. The DBS GT Zagato will be delivered in 2020.