Laura Schwab, President of Aston Martin the Americas, Resigns

January 29th, 2021 by

Laura Schwab standing in front of white Aston Martin on lift

Laura Schwab became the first woman to hold the title of President in Aston Martin’s American division in October 2015. After nearly 6 years of service as one of the leading women in the auto industry, she is stepping down. Ed Moran, head of the sales division, will serve as interim president in her stead until a replacement is found.

Read on to learn more about Laura Schwab, who was named one of the top 100 Women in the North American Auto Industry by Automotive News in 2020. Then, if Jupiter drivers want to test drive an Aston Martin to get sense of just how far she took this legendary company, fill out a pre-approval and call Aston Martin Palm Beach at 561-805-5584 to schedule a test drive.

Career Highlights

Laura Schwab acted as President of Aston Martin of the Americas for over 5 years—a division that consists of 36 U.S. dealerships, and 8 more throughout Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Canada. Under Schwab’s leadership, global sales increased by 58%, thanks to the debuts of the Aston Martin DB11, V12, V8, and Volante. In 2018, Aston Martin was named the fastest-growing automotive brand by Brand Finance, one of the top business valuation consultants.

As one of the top women in auto, Laura Schwab’s success with Aston Martin is a testament to the fact that overlooking women in the talent pool for leadership positions is a big mistake in business. Aston Martin would not be undergoing a revival without her, and Palm Beach Gardens Aston Martin owners can thank her leadership for the strong investments recent-year Aston Martin models are sure to become.

Experience Laura Schwab’s Legacy with a Test Drive at Aston Martin Palm Beach

A great way for Wellington drivers to get a feel for where Laura Schwab has taken Aston Martin is to schedule a test drive of an Aston Martin DBX or another preferred model at Aston Martin Palm Beach. If you have any questions about the brand, don’t forget to explore our Aston Martin information guides for other informative reads about Aston Martin warranty coverage and an update on Aston Martin’s return to Formula One Racing!  We look forward to showing you the models that have made Aston Martin among the most relevant luxury brands of the day.

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